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The Fund's investment objective is to outperform the S&P/NZX All Real Estate (Industry Group) Gross Index on a rolling three-year basis by investing predominantly in New Zealand and Australian property and property-related shares.

The Salt Enhanced Property Fund targets a portfolio of shares of New Zealand and Australian property trusts, companies and other property-related securities with exposure to commercial, residential, retail, tourism, industrial, medical, educational, rural, retirement, and other property sectors. The Fund may also short sell securities, hold cash, lever its asset and utilise active currency management to generate returns (although the Fund will generally be fully hedged). 

Given the Fund's broad mandate and wide range of investment tools available, its investment performance will depend, to a larger degree than traditional equity investment funds, on Salt's skill in selecting, combining and implementing investment decisions.

Benchmark - S&P/NZX All Real Estate (Industry Group) Gross Index 
Recommended investment time frame - 5 years
Inception date - 11 November 2014
Fund Size - $22 million 
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