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Experienced and conscientious.

Salt is an active investment manager. We actively seek to maximise your returns while managing the risks of your investment. 

We examine our investments for their environmental and social impact as well as the quality of their governance.

We are investors in our own funds, and invite you to take advantage of our expertise and experience.

(average annual return since inception)*

Salt NZ Dividend Appreciation Fund
Salt Long Short Fund
Salt Enhanced Property Fund
Salt Core NZ Shares Fund
Salt Carbon Fund





Salt is an active fund manager. Our investment philosophy centres on the belief that share markets have characteristics that lead to market inefficiencies that can be exploited over time to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns. 

We are a core investor with no intended style bias to either “growth” or “value” and look to invest in companies with strong management, which operate within sound industry structures and generate superior shareholder returns.


Our investment process demands both robust balance sheets and the current ability or potential to generate above average free cash-flow.


The firm is wholly owned by its investment personnel, who continue to extend their long-term track record in delivering strong outcomes for investors. All senior team members have more than 20 years of investment experience in both domestic and global markets gained over different market cycles. 




ESG is a crucial element of the Salt Funds Management investment decision-making process.

Salt is a strong believer in the merits of embedding comprehensive ESG analysis into its investment process. This incorporates both the careful analysis of the sustainability of a company’s business model and strategy as well as actively engaging with company directors, executives and other stakeholders.

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Proprietary research is at the heart of the firm. Salt has a team of dedicated analysts who are tasked with producing bespoke research on companies within our investment universe. This research is aimed at providing the portfolio managers with well-reasoned views on the value of companies based on our own in-house financial modelling. This provides the firm with a robust decision making framework that efficiently balances quantitative and qualitative analysis.

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US inflation data due this week is expected to show a decline in the annual headline rate.   But getting headline inflation under control is only one part of the task for central banks.  The annual rate of core inflation is expected to have risen in July and prove more stubborn to get under control as the labour market remains tight and wage growth remains strong.  Recent suggestions of a policy pivot by the Federal Reserve are premature, but it’s the labour market that will provide the clues to when that’s more appropriate. more limited than previously feared.

10 August 2022

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* 1. Performance is after all fees and does not include imputation credits or PIE tax, except for the Carbon Fund, which, as a listed PIE, is after tax at the rate of 28%.

   2. For Salt NZ Dividend Appreciation Fund, from 1 November 2008 to 30 June 2015, performance is from a fund with the same strategy and the same portfolio manager.

   3. For Salt Core NZ Shares Fund, from 1 October 2008 to 30 November 2020, performance is from a fund with the same strategy and the same portfolio manager.

   3. Past performance is not indicative of future returns.