As a wholly employee-owned boutique investment management firm we believe we have key attributes that set us apart.

Why invest with Salt Funds Management?

Culture: initiative, innovation, creativity and courage

A significant body of research highlights that successful investment firms that provide clients with superior future returns enjoy a culture where their people see themselves as partners rather than as employees. 

As a 100% employee-owned boutique, Salt requires all employees to have a strong “ethical compass” and adopt a culture that encourages an environment of initiative and innovation and rewards creativity and diversity of thought. We encourage a culture of “fail fast, learn fast, fix fast”, where employees have no fear of contributing or debating a point of view or idea.

We actively encourage new ideas and questioning of the current perceived wisdom, with this being embedded in our thinking via the rise and fall of stocks in the Salt Scoring System.

People: experience, skill and passion

The founding Principals of Salt, Paul Harrison and Matthew Goodson, collectively have over 40 years of highly successful investment experience in the New Zealand and Australian equity markets. Salt’s Head of Research, David Oxley, has extensive research experience gained from working in international and NZ equity markets over the last 20 years. We employ experienced professionals who are experts in their fields and passionate about what they do.  For us, investing is not a mere job, it is who we are.

Investment specialisation: singularly focused investment capability

Salt adopts a specialist approach to investment management by focusing all its resources into managing NZ/Australian Equity and Listed Property Funds. This focus maximises our competitive advantage and ability to succeed.


Client focus: working for the client

As an independent boutique, Salt focuses its energy on managing Funds for our clients. We develop strong partnership-type relationships with a select group of clients and consultants with an emphasis on a deep understanding of, alignment with and delivery of the long term investment outcomes desired by these partners.

Process: alpha identification, exploitation and execution

Salt is a “core” investor with no intended style bias. We have a strict focus on those companies whom we believe will add value for shareholders. We are not “index huggers” and will look to invest in Australia only where we see clear alpha opportunities. We have a robust scoring system that includes a mix of qualitative and quantitative inputs and have a strong adherence to price targets. Our process allows us to sustainably add value for our clients over time. We focus on fundamentals not fads.

Business size and stability: the right size matters.

Salt has approximately $1.7 billion in Funds Under Management which provides certainty around ongoing business viability while providing significant headroom for growth. By virtue of its size Salt benefits from being neither too large, nor too small which enables us to be flexible, adaptable and inventive for the benefit of our clients.