Letter from the Manager of the Salt Investment Funds

Dear Investor, 

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to invest alongside the team at Salt Funds Management Limited (‘Salt’). Our team at Salt will be investing across the range of unit trusts offered in our Investment Statement. Your interests will be strongly aligned with ours.

At Salt, we employ highly experienced, respected investment professionals who are experts in their fields and passionate about what they do. For us investing is not a mere job, it is who we are. 

Salt is an “active” fund manager and has a strict focus on investing in those companies that we believe will add value for shareholders. Our investment process allows us to single out those companies that we believe will deliver earnings and cash flows above and beyond those that we judge the equity market is implicitly reflecting in their share prices. Our intention is to sustainably add value for clients over time. 
We have committed significant resources to rigorous in-depth research at Salt.  Fundamental analysis of companies is at the heart of our firm. 

Salt’s comprehensive investment research effort is conducted by our seasoned team of investment personnel. The core of the investment team was established several years ago and senior team members have a multi-decade, multi-cycle perspective on investment opportunities and investment risk.

Salt’s collective investment expertise is entirely concentrated on managing Australasian listed equity and listed property investment strategies thereby ensuring unwavering focus on maximising investor outcomes available in the New Zealand and Australian share markets.

We believe the consistent and disciplined application of our investment methodology and process combined with the experience and insight of our investment team will help us deliver favourable investment outcomes for clients.

The Salt Investment Funds (which are unit trusts, and PIEs for tax purposes) are offered by Salt Investment Funds Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary of Salt Funds Management Limited.

If you wish to invest in the Funds, please ensure you read the Investment Statement or Prospectus so that you fully understand the investment objective of each investment option we offer and the associated risks. A prospectus, which contains further information about the Funds, is also available. If you have any questions, please email us at info@saltfunds.co.nz. 


Yours sincerely,

 Paul Harrison (left) and Matthew Goodson (right).

Paul Harrison (left) and Matthew Goodson (right).